Impact Of The Industrial Revolution On New Imperialism

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Allison Miller 12/14/2015 McNally P3 “White man’s burden” or racism? Topic Choice #1: Analyze the impact of the Industrial Revolution on New Imperialism Imperialism is a policy in which a nation seeks to dominate other countries politically, economically and socially. The motives are economics, power, influence, social Darwinism, racism, religious, and humanitarian. The Industrial revolution started when new technologies were able to revolutionize how people live, work, interact, and govern. When coal and steam engines powered new industry people migrated to growing cities to find jobs. The industrial revolution in Great Britain began in 1780 some of the contributing factors were food, population, money, natural resources, free society, ready markets, changes in cotton production, the coal and iron industries, railroads, new factories, and diseases. However, the impact of the Industrial Revolution on New Imperialism needs to be discussed step by step. The Industrial Revolution had a big impact on New Imperialism, with the help and power of new updated weapons countries such as Great Britain were able to dominate the countries that were slow or had trouble at industrializing. With the help of other updated technologies in the industrial revolution Britain/England were able to take over West Africa, they picked West Africa due to the interest in raw materials such as diamonds, salt, cobalt, uranium, copper, gold, silver, cocoa beans and tea. Many Europeans led to
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