Impact Of The Industrial Revolution On Our Society

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The Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution left an everlasting impact on our society because it changed the way humans produce goods and materials, and this impact was felt around the world. Things would be quite difficult today if we were still relying on the technology from 1812. Throughout the last century, technical innovations have enabled people to live better and more productive lives. Humans have evolved with time, and as we have evolved, so must our technology. Innovation is part of the human spirit, but it is often oppressed due to the political situations one may be under. It was a large-scale advancement in our society and American citizens, such as farm workers and housewives, would have their lives transformed as they transitioned with the industrial revolution.
Today, business is conducted on a global scale, “America’s net output of goods and services increased by 29 times between 1850 and 1944,” (Barnes, 1955) Innovation keeps global international relations going forward and not backwards. The scope and scale of American production and manufacturing increased dramatically during the industrial revolution due to advances in many technologies, which made it more efficient in factories. The inventions of steel, electricity, and new chemicals had a major impact on the efficiency, and production costs for all American companies during this time period. These inventions changed the way Americans live, and changed the global economy. There are also many
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