Impact Of The Industrial Revolution

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The impacts on women caused by the controversial Industrial Revolution The Industrial revolution, a period of time from circa 1760 to 1840, is a monumental part of our history. Unimaginable inventions were created and it brought about many changes that directed an unseen path to where we are now. One of the greater impacts that the controversial revolution had brought about was its influence on women. Each women of different social class lived through the revolution inversely. Many however, not so well.
Imagine having to wake up every day knowing that you are required to work for more than 12 hours under dangerous conditions to earn almost no pay for your family. This was the harsh reality for most women during the industrial revolution. Industries that offered work for women were limited and presented harsh working conditions which caused diseases and injuries. Women were often found working in the textiles industry and it was not uncommon that accidents such as inhaling dangerous chemicals or losing a limb occurred. Moreover, due to the minimum pay that women earned – around 10 shillings a week which is equivalent to 12 cents today, they were forced to sacrifice their children. Women were forced to work while taking care of their children and this drained their energy and mental health. Mothers were forced to dispose their children to the hands of the highest bidders as they had to place their children to work to gain more income for their family. Another common
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