Impact Of The Internet On Supply Chain Management

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Gregory Long MG 5065 (Introduction to Supply Chain Management) Impact of the Internet in Supply Chain Management Dr. Janice Spangenburg July 10, 2016 Introduction The Internet has played a tremendous role when it comes to supply chain management. Supply chain management can be defined according to Miller (2013) as, “The planning as well as management of all activities that are involved in sourcing as well as procurement, conversion, plus including all logistics management activities.” Today the Internet has revolutionized companies and their supply chain strategies. Some of those areas affected by the Internet include inventory management, purchasing, transportation, order processing, vendor relationships, and customer service…show more content…
Convenience, better prices, more variety, the ability to send gifts more easily, fewer expenses, price comparison, no crowds, and less compulsive shopping just to name a few. Most would say convenience is probably the biggest perk. Where else can you shop in the comforts of your own home? No waiting in line and you can do your shopping in minutes. With online shopping we have the opportunity to shop 24/7. When it comes to better prices, the Internet usually offer better prices and cheaper deals. Being that the product comes straight from the manufacturer or seller there’s no middleman to deal with. Most online retailers even offer rebates and discount coupons. Sending a gift has even become easier. No matter where they are, you can order a gift online and have it shipped directly to the recipient. There are more choices when you shop online. Customers are able to receive several brands and products from multiple vendors all in one place. The Internet gives customers the ability to shop for items all around the world and not just limited them to a specific geography. Customers will find things like a larger selection of sizes and colors that they might not be able to find locally. Inventory Management and the Internet Inventory management is one of the most costly aspects of supply chain management. The use of the Internet in this area has become more and more popular. Important in terms that it gives companies the ability to communicate the

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