Impact Of The Italian Renaissance

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After the decline and disappearance of the Roman Empire, the Italian Renaissance was introduced to the European culture. The Italian Renaissance was the revival of the Greek and Roman cultures in forms of art, education, and literature. The Renaissance originally began in Florence, Italy during the time of 14 A.D and eventually began to expand throughout western and northern Europe in 15 A.D. The rebirthing of these ancient cultures brought much awareness and knowledge to the Italian society and resulted in change in their perspective toward the world and their culture. The Roman Empire was ruled by an emperor, but was controlled by the senate and multiple kings in the previous years. Because of the many unresolved issues during their…show more content…
Leonardo was the first man to study a variety of subjects, and use the information he learned to apply to his creations. Using his creativity and knowledge in sciences, such as anatomy and botany, he was able to produced portraits that would appear to be a reflection to natural life. When crafting his paintings, he didn’t use the original egg, water, and powdered colorings that many artists would commonly use. He experimented with oil paint, which had many more benefits than the solution other artists would use. Oil paint dried slower than the egg mixture, which allowed you to fix mistakes unnoticeably. It also added more definition to paintings and produced new pigments which presented a distinctive style to his paintings. The “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper” are two of his paintings known all across the world, along with many others. Michelangelo is another known individual from the Renaissance. Likewise, Michelangelo was a painter, but made many works of art through sculpting. Michelangelo’s presented one of his best paintings on a large surface. His famous work is exhibited on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, demonstrating the scenes from the book a Genesis. The project took him four years to complete. To this day, his masterpiece brings exclusive attention to the community and others from all over the world. Another one of his pieces, titled
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