Impact Of The Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Service

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Executive Summary:
This report will look at what impact of the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service (Qantas) profit announcement on 28th of August 2014. Also it will look at the implications for the business and also its competitors. This report was able to outline that the significant loss by Qantas over the Financial Year of 2014. The report will outline the following: 1.1: Objective of the Report 1.2: Introduction to the Companies 1.3: Profit Announcements 1.3.2: What the Report thought would Happen 1.3.3: What the Profit Announcement Said 1.3.4:What Actually Happened 1.4: Analysis of Profit Announcement Impact 1.4.2: Over View of Stock Market Influences 1.4.3: Share Prices 1.4.4: Ratio Analysis
The report will finally give a conclusion on Qantas’ performance leading up to the announcement date and after the announcement date. This report has found the findings of Qantas to be surprising and not what investors initially were expecting for Qantas performance over the period. The report will outline the findings in full.

This report will examine the impact of the Qantas profit announcement had on the share price. This will determine if the announcement had an impact or if it was market forces on investors with predetermined outcomes for their share price. The fluctuations seen in the Qantas share price over the three weeks before and three weeks after the announcement date of 28th of Augusts 2014 will be analysed within this
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