Impact Of The Transition From The Republic Of Empire

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Manuel Osorio
Mr. Luke Leonard
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15 April 2016
Rome: Impact of the transition from Republic to Empire. While researching texts written about the Republic Rome and Empire Rome, I found very interesting things to talk about. However, my goal in this essay is to bring the sources that I have to explain and discuss the impact of the transition from the Republican Rome to Imperial Rome upon the development of Government using as a primary source of visual art the Ara Pacis Augustae or Altar of the Augustan Peace in Rome.
The Republic Rome
Rome initial constituted itself as a Republic, governed by the people somewhat along the lines of the Greek city-states. Cunningham states that “Two magistrates, or consuls, were elected for a one-year term by all male citizens, but the principal assembly, the Senate, drew most of its members from Roman Aristocratic families.” (124) The two main classes in Rome were each represented by a governing body. The patricians, a class of those descended from the old noble families of the monarchy, was the wealthiest class in Rome and in general, was the land-owning class. They elected representatives to the Senate, which was in charge of the legal system and public administration. From the ranks of the senators, two consuls were elected to hold the administrative reigns of government. Because there had been abuses under a single ruler during the previous era of the monarchy, Rome was always ruled during the Republic by two co-rulers so that…
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