Impact Of The Victorian Period

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The Victorian Period, many books take place in this period. These books can vary from romance to fantasy. The Victorian Period is the time when Queen Victoria reigned. Queen Victoria’s reign lasted for 60 years. There were many impacts during this period. Despite the fact that she was crowned Queen at the age of 18, her reign had a period of changes with the society, the economy, and the technology. As a result of all of this change, the percentage in agricultural areas went down. While, the percentage in rural areas went up. Then, The Great Famine started in Ireland. Two million died, while others went into exile or left the country. Afterward, Queen Victoria wanted to restore the reputation of the monarchy. Furthermore, there were many other events made an impact on the Victorian Period. Such as, communism, socialism, capitalism, educational rights, and different changes in both men and woman. Wilkie Collins originally wrote “The Woman in White”. Whereas we read the one written by students from Oxford. The Victorian Period has an impact on this novel. As an example, Marian Halcombe, which in the story she is Laura’s half – sister. She acts very independent and sharp tongued. Moreover, she is a rebellious woman. In the Victorian Period they called woman like Marian Fallen Woman. Also, in “The Woman in White” shows that there was the Law of Coverture. In fact, this law states that when a woman gets married, the husband takes full control of his wife’s personal property and
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