Impact Of Tidal Energy On The Earth

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Tides and currents have existed since before the dawn of man. While the rotation and gravitational forces of the earth act to keep our ocean levels steady, that equilibrium is disrupted by the moon and the sun. The gravitational pull of both the sun and the moon cause the oceans to bulge, and as this bulge moves around the planet, the tides occur. Furthermore, the moon, although significantly smaller than the sun, has a far greater affect on the tides due to its relatively small distance from the earth. In addition, the tides also vary in intensity based on the alignment of the sun, the moon, and the earth. When aligned, a higher than normal, lunar high tide occurs. But why are these flows relevant to renewable energy? They are important because that tidal energy can be harnessed for use as a power source. Tidal power, like other renewable energy sources, is inexhaustible. In addition, there is a major advantage over other clean energies, in that tidal energy is very predictable. For example, there are not any wind charts telling what time of day the winds will be optimal but there are charts of the tides. Therefore, by taking advantage of this resource, your community could work towards being energy independent and self-sustaining. Moreover, there could be an opportunity to use any excess power generated as an income source. There are three ways to harness the power of the tides; tidal barrages, tidal lagoons, and tidal streams. The first, barrages, make use of the…
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