Impact Of Tourism On The Caribbean Islands

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Impacts of Tourism in the Caribbean Islands Christopher Tillman University of South Carolina Tourism has its sociological impacts, environmental impacts, and economic impacts. When visitors come spend money in any place they travel to it creates jobs for locals and often times reduce the poverty rate. Tourism can help a community identify just who they are and why tourist like to travel to this area. They do this by showing distinct rare cultures that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. This is what draws tourist into and area. Tourism across the world is a rapidly growing and really can help the economy with a tourist attraction area. These impacts can be both positive and negative for tourist attraction areas. As tourism develops in a certain area it will either hurt the environment or help the environment in that tourist area. Tourist areas draw the construction of roads, airports, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. These things will reduce the natural element of a tourist attraction area. Tourist attraction areas can help an area because some of the land is protected and conserved to keep the natural element of that area. Tourism has the ability to raise awareness to tourists of the important of the environment. Tourism in the Caribbean Islands area is a huge ordeal environmentally, socially, and economically. Tourism effect the environment in the Caribbean area in many ways. When tourist travel to a Caribbean island most of the time they are
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