Impact Of Trade And Conquest On The Civilizations

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Early civilizations we have learned include Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and China. After learning about these civilization, I can include there were many impacts to the development and spread of these civilizations. Although trade and conquest were the two more prominent impacts, conflict (conquest) had the most important impact on the developments of these early civilizations.
Trade and conquest both had their impacts, but looking closer one impact was more significant than the other. Trade was a way for people to obtain goods they didn’t have or couldn’t make by giving away an item they had a surplus amount of. Trade, in my opinion, didn’t have much of an impact as conquest. Trade was only small development, whereas conquest was the process of gaining territory by the use of subjugation and military forces. Early civilizations developed from conquest because without conquest the same civilization would own the same territory. There were multiple early civilizations, and if they had never conquest for more land, other civilizations would overrule them and take their territory. Further spread of civilization happened directly through conquest, the spread of how much land they had and could acquire was due to conquest and military forces. Because conflict and conquest exists, they realized they had to defend their civilization and build military forces to keep enemies out.
Conflict helped these civilizations understand there was much more than finding a place to live and food
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