Impact Of Urbanization On Urban Areas

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1. Urbanization deals with the number of people in urban places and also refers to the process of people moving to cities or other heavily settled places. The term urbanization also describes changes in social organization that happens as a consequence of heavily populated areas. Urbanization is a process. It is what happens when rural areas are changed into urban areas. According to Louis Wirth, the components of urbanization include size, density, and heterogeneity and these are the independent variables that create a distinct way of life called “urbanism.” (Palen, 2012) Urbanism refers to social patterns and behaviors associated with living in urban settings. (Palen, 2012) Urbanism is often seen as a consequence of urbanization. It deals with changes in values, mores, customs, and behaviors of a population. Urbanism is a response, both socially and behaviorally, to living in a particular urban area. Urbanism puts an emphasis on competition, achievement, superficiality, anonymity, independence and tangential relationships. (Palen, 2012) The study of urbanization deals with the urban area as a spatial, economic, and political body. (Palen, 2012) This is generally referred to by sociologists as a human ecological approach. This is because the study deals with how the ecology of the city developed, especially with the relationships and dependence of organisms with their environment. The study of urbanism takes a more cultural or social psychological approach
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