Impact Of Virginia Woolf

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Mihuța Aurelia Alexandra
Mrs Dalloway
Virginia Woolf
The impact of “now” and “here” The beginning of the twentieth century witnessed a major change in the understanding of the world and, with no doubt, in creating a new relationship with reality and whatever this provided to every human being. This change has influenced many artists and writers, including Virginia Woolf, who eventually became one of the most important modernists of the twentieth century. In their book entitled Modernism 1890-1930, Bradbury and McFarlane define modernism as “an art of a rapidly modernizing world, a world of rapid industrial development, advanced technology, urbanization, secularization and mass forms of social life” but also ”the art of a
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For Woolf, the foundation of true creation of a fictional character resides in the depiction of reality as seen through the eyes of this character. The world, which all people perceive with the same qualities of sense, is different for every individual. As William James argues, we cannot say that “feelings and thoughts exist”, but “I think and I feel”. In this way he explains his assertion that “every thought tends to be part of a personal consciousness” (The Principles of Psychology, pp. 146-147). When reading Mrs Dalloway, it is inevitable to get caught in the moment of action. Through her words, every reader gets to seen the city, the people, the places, the stores as every character does. The writer has now the power of controlling our thoughts and…show more content…
This kind of writing mirrors verbally what many experimental visual artists were doing in terms of painting at the tum of the twentieth century. Woolf's step in this direction in literature shows the influence of Roger Fry, particularly the Post - Impressionist Exhibition and other influential artists that Woolf came into contact with through Bloomsbury and mutual acquaintances. These artists inspired Woolf to use elements of both post-impressionism and cubism verbally to make her stories like paintings that move, clear and distinct but always shifting. She incorporates both the emotional elements of post-impressionism and the fragmented methods of cubism to create her own representation of life. Mrs Dalloway allows us to enter a world where we can see clearly how time and space interview. Through her character’s eyes, we can feel and see everything they see, we get to understand a world not only through our perspective, but from various points of view. Moreover, Virginia Woolf allows us to enter every character consciousness, to know every hidden thought and perhaps to understand the roots of suffering and happiness. Even thought is hard to keep up with the rhythm of the story, the reader can concentrate and switch between times and places as the writer
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