Impact Of War On Society And The Economy

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As soon as there was man, there was war. The history of warfare can be traced all the way back to one of the earliest known civilizations, Mesopotamia. Since the development of organized city states warfare has been used to settle disputes including disagreements over land, resources, and religious beliefs. The United States has a long history of warfare in its 224-year history starting with its fight for independance. Each war fought has had a profound impact on the course of American history, however there are four particular wars which when examined can be extremely beneficial when discussing foreign policy and the impact of war on society and the economy. By Analyzing the specific events surrounding the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War and their impact on the economy it will help future generations and leaders make better decisions regarding foreign policy and diplomacy, as well as how best to approach warfare altogether. Learning from the mistakes of others can often help lead to much more sound decisions. For example in terms of warfare, it is important to look back and examine instances in which America has gone to war and carefully observe specific events that led to America’s entry into said war. Also, it is crucial to identify the broader economic and ideological causes of these wars as well as how each war has affected the United States economy - both during and after the wars. By doing so it helps to illustrate not only the
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