Impact Of War On The United States

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Izaak J. Rodriguez
Professor Leon
History 101 Impact of War on the United States
Wars have impacted the United States greatly on both beneficial and detrimental standards. Throughout the history of the United States this idea of war has played a significant role in the emergence of this prominent country. A politician’s standing policy on the concept of war has held great impact on the political spectrum, many voters hold strong views on war. Some argue we should enact a policy of isolationism, through this we can focus more on the issues within United States instead of other nations. On the other hand many claim being in war is beneficial because we can hold impact on surrounding countries and though wars recreate revenue and jobs within the country. Overall both standing points are correct, every war proceeding 1860 whether they are global affairs or U.S centric, have held both positive and negative impact on the United States. The first major impact war the United States was involved in after 1860, was the American Civil War. During this time period issues over states’ rights, the practice of slavery, views on the abolition movement and similar issues caused a rift between the northern and southern states. James Mcpherson author of Battle Cry of Freedom explains that, “the greatest danger to American survival midcentury . . . was neither class tension nor ethnic division. Rather it was sectional conflict between North and South over the future of slavery.” Many…
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