Impact Of Westward Expansion

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The late 1800’s were a booming time for the United States. Reconstruction had ended and Westward Expansion was on the rise. People from all over the U.S. were moving west and claiming land and many groups from across the world made their way to the United States to find new opportunity and to escape oppression. This led to a huge growth in diversity in the United State and helped make a major impact on what we consider to be the modern united states. Everything from the economy to social groups were affected by this and this led to some interesting outcomes in our country. Diversity in the West impacted the development in the United States by helping grow and expand our economy, creating new social groups, and bringing new laws and…show more content…
Diversity in the West had a major impact on the development of the United states, and one of the ways it did this was it created and expanded many new social groups. When many of these groups were moved West they thought they would get treated more as equals, but many still had a bias against these groups. Groups of people like African Americans were segregated and had to be in separate locations in public places such as theaters, restaurants and even restrooms. This was also true for Hispanics of the time. These many different perspectives created a rift between whites and many other races, making it hard and nearly impossible for them to coexist in this time as equals. This was also shown by the fact that a lot of the time, even things like neighborhoods were broken up into these social classes during the time. The prejudice that whites had against many of these people later influenced America's development by eventually leading to many movements of equality and respect including Women's Feminist Movements. These social groups still have an Impact on how some people feel and act around others in our society. There are still other ways diversity Impacted the development of the U.S. though.

In the West this growing Diversity also had a major impact on the political movement and ideas going on at the time. This growing Diversity and opportunity for a restart at life brought many immigrants from all around the world and some
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