Impact On Modern Technology

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In the past few decades, there has been a huge revolution in an internet and communication technologies. Technology has brought so many changes in today's society. People interact, exchange information, and socialize in a whole new way that was not even possible thirty years ago. According to a Forbes article, "iPhone X and Apple Watch: How Apple's Vision Will Further Innovate Digital Commerce" by Michelle Evans, the new iPhone's features will improve the quality of people's lives by the most advanced security function. Recently, Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, has launched a new iPhone on their 10th year anniversary, since it launched its first iPhone, as called iPhone "X". Undoubtedly, modern technology has become crucial aspects of our life. Although it has led to complications, it is actually reasonable to say that modern technology has very much improved the quality of people's lives.
The most interesting idea in Evans' article is that the Face ID, facial recognition, will replace the Touch ID in the previous edition of iPhone. This new technology will "leverages machine learning to get to know a consumer’s face, it is about simplicity and peace of mind for the end-consumer"(Evans). The Face ID is not only helping users to be able to unlock their phones by simply looking at their smartphones, but they are also helping to secure people's data in the best way. Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said that Face ID is more secure than Touch ID. If
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