Impact On Westward Expansion

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During the early 1800s, white Americans began to act upon their need to expand into western territories. Despite these territories being inhabited by American Indians, the white Americans would venture into their land as this was their destiny. It may seem apparent that it was not destiny that lead to white Americans to move westward, however, it is undeniable that advancement in technology, manifest destiny,and over population had an immediate impact on westward expansion. Traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast took 924 hours, assuming one traveled every single day at a consistent rate with no abnormal stopping. This was not logical for white Americans. To their benefit, advancement in technology aided in their pursuit of destiny. The development of canals significantly influenced Westward Expansion. Although this did not provide transportation to the west coast, it allowed quicker transportation throughout the East coast. This was important because the seed of quicker travel was planted into the mind of many white Americans. SQ2A illustrates the canals and their massive span across the North East. Not only was this a more convenient mode of travel, it was significantly cheaper. With respect to SQ2B, transportation via dirt road required 8 horses, 15-45 days, and $100/Ton. Travel by canal required 2 mules, 9 days, and $6/Ton. So not only were white Americans freed by chains of financial restrictions, they could now travel in a timely manner. This promoted travel
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