Impact Project Reflection

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Unlike the pretest where I had many days to administer my pre assessment, I only had one day to try to get in twenty-six post assessments. My Impact project ran the three weeks leading up to fall break and I wanted the students to be able to get through the design and building process of their structure before I began administering the post assessment. In a perfect world, I would have waited until the fourth week to administer it when the structures would have been completed and we could have evaluated them for effectiveness. However, with fall break and a deadline for my Impact project, I had to administer it the Thursday before fall break. I was only able to get twenty-two of the twenty six students for the post test, and my data had to be…show more content…
First of all, I had initially deemed question six to be a bad question, when I assessed my pretest because only two of my students answered it correctly. However on the post test, this category saw significant growth moving from two correct answers to eight, and the girls went from a average score of one out of six to a three out of six, and the boys went from an average score of zero out of six to two out of six. Even though I was not able to teach this topic successfully the way I had anticipated, it showed me that I was still successful to a small handful of students.
Secondly, question ten was a question that when I administered it to the students, I could sense both their confusion as well as their guessing at an answer. When I administered the posttest, even though the scores on this category went down compared to the posttest, I could tell that not only did they understood the question, but they were confident in their answers and were providing less
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On the pretest a boy scored the highest with an eighty-three, and followed closely by a girl at eighty-one. However on the posttest, that same boy saw a ten point decrease to a seventy-one and the same girl only saw a one point increase to a eighty-two. She scored exactly the same on every question, only gaining a point on the last question where she had to sort by color. On the pretest, the girls generally either outscored or tied with the boys when it came to individual question average scores and were pretty much split fifty/fifty when it came to the target questions and DOK questions. However, on the posttest, the girls either had the highest individual question average or tied with the boys. The boys did not outscore the girls on average on a single question. The girls also carried the highest average score on all of the target and DOK groups. This has made me curious as to why the girls saw the biggest gains and were able to outscore the boys across the board on the posttest. Did my teaching style and the lessons I prepared cater more toward a female learning style than a male? Was the material presented in a way that was more female
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