Impact Report to Senior Leadership Essay

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Impact Report to Senior Leadership Mary J Farmer Organizational and Systems Management for Quality Outcomes March, 2016 The Nursing Challenge Hospital readmissions and emergency room visits are on the rise particularly for patients with low socioeconomic status, limited resources, or who live in rural areas. Post-operative infections, asthma attacks, heart failure exacerbations and other conditions that could have been prevented seem to be driving this pattern. This has caused a downstream impact on patient safety and poor patient outcomes. The System/Organization A major health insurer in the Midwest completed a market analysis across their book of business and discovered a common theme. Patients were being discharged from the…show more content…
Understanding not only the strengths and weaknesses but continuing to identify opportunities and potential threats is an important first step to building a solid foundation. Refer to Table A1 for a visual of the SWOT analysis. (Mind Tools) This SWOT analysis identified three strengths; 1) large network of contracted providers and facilities, 2) strong workforce of nurses already working in the field, and 3) a solid proven infrastructure. These three strengths give this company a solid foundation to establish a program that reaches out to members at the point of discharge to reduce the risk of post-discharge complications. Some identified weaknesses are; 1) budget constraints and 2) a fragmented communication structure between business segments. An awareness of these weaknesses help to build a strong foundation by overcoming the obstacles at the same time you build the solution. Their opportunities are; 1) establishing strategic alliances with providers and facilities, 2) building a sustainable, repeatable program impacting patient outcomes; 3) and reducing patient readmissions by collaborative discharge planning. These opportunities align with their mission of “We work with health care professionals and other key partners to expand access to quality health care so people get the care they need at an affordable price.”
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