Impact of 4G Technology on Commercial Interactions, Economic Growth, and US Competitiveness

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Impact of 4G Technology on Commercial Interactions, Economic Growth, and US Competitiveness




22nd November 2011

Research Question

How is 4G technology going to impact on commercial interactions, economic growth, and US competitiveness?


In a bid to sustain the achievements made in the era of 3G technologies and foster efforts of economic recovery, the United States of America should stay abreast with the rest of the world by deploying 4G technology in its communication infrastructure. Being a world leader in the broadband applications, companies in the United States of America enjoy the efficiencies that come alongside the platform of these
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Since the displays of current devices are limited, search results cannot be examined effectively in an attempt to explore the relevant resources. This limitation may end up reducing the popularity of this application whose stake in GDP growth is substantial. This implies that there will be a drastic shift in the entire United States economy.

If the United States moves swiftly in deploying 4G networks, the country’s entrepreneurial innovation businesses are going to capture these opportunities before other nations catch up. Thus, enhancing commercial interactions in a manner that prompt job creation and productivity. Support for the suggestion that timely deployment of 4G networks is able to stimulate market response and worthy cycle of investment is evident in the improved features of 4G technology together with cloud infrastructure and developments in other related areas like chip manufacturing, micro sensors, and displays. These avails the foundation for creation of new devices and services that will go a long way in changing the manner in which organizations, individuals and households function (Bienaimé, 2010).

The motivation and structures for developing these new devices and services is already established by 3G era, which saw entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem assume a new shape. Since the developers are increasingly becoming capable of renting cloud computing, they are able to analyze new 4G applications,
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