Impact of Acquisition on Employees Performance: A case Study of RBS

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After acquisition of any firm/ organization management need to motivate their employees and make them feel satisfied about their jobs, if the employees feel satisfied they perform their duties efficiently and when acquired firm’s employee performed best it directly affect the acquired firm’s performance. Motivation is very necessary in any field when an employee get motivated they perform their duty with the best of their knowledge and try to work hard. According to different researcher there are many factors that could bring change and affect the organizational performance one of them is job satisfaction of the employees. It is also said that if employees are motivated and satisfied with their jobs then they performed efficiently and if …show more content…
Research finds that the employees realized many difficulties of the modification of work routines, especially concerning work performance, professional knowledge, and professional role, but employees recognized the change as an opportunity for the acquisition of knowledge and competence development.

Griffin, (1991) studies the Effects of Work Redesign on Employee Perceptions, Attitudes, and Behaviors. A Long-Term Investigation. The results emerged from this study shows a pattern that holds clear implications for practicing managers and task design intellectuals. First, the task redesign hindrance significantly distorted employee perceptions in the expectation and desired directions. Furthermore, the altered perceptions remained at their new level for the duration of the study. Second, attitudes including satisfaction and commitment also increased quickly but then reduced back to their initial levels. Finally, performance did not increase initially, but did increase a lot by the end of the study period.

For empirical researchers, perhaps the most important finding from this study was the differential pattern of changes across time periods. Researchers need to be more sensitive to the nature of perceptual, attitudinal, and behavioral variables. The findings reported here emphasize the need to retain work redesign as a practical tool for enhancing
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