Impact of Adhd on a Child’s Schooling

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William Schrupp Impact of ADHD on a Child’s Schooling SS3150: Research Methods Steven Smith Impact of ADHD on a Child’s Schooling Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most common neurological disorder and is mainly diagnosed in childhood, although it can carry on into adulthood. ADHD often occurs in more in males than females. A child with ADHD might daydream, forget or lose things, fidget, talk too much, and having trouble socializing. School can be very challenging for a child with ADHD. A child with ADHD may have trouble concentrating in school, have difficulties reading and writing, and have trouble making friends and socializing. A child with ADHD has a hard time concentrating on schoolwork and paying…show more content…
A child with ADHD may also have trouble in other classes, such as, math class. Math does not always come easily; solving math problems can be especially difficult for a child with ADHD. Math requires sustained attention in order to memorize the steps and understand fully how to work the problem, which a child with ADHD lacks the attention process that he/she needs to understand math and results in the child with ADHD getting low grades or failing the class. A child with ADHD may have trouble subtracting large numbers; they rely on finger counting, and have difficult solving problems with more than one step (aboutkidshealth). A child with ADHD may have trouble solving problems, deciphering which method to use when trying to solve a problem, and have a hard time figuring out and deciphering word problems. There has been case study research to see the effect of children ranging of all age to see how ADHD does affects them in school. EEG Education & Research Inc. is a corporation founded to educate and encourage growth in the field of Neurofeedback. It is comprised of a highly regarded and well trained Affiliate community of Neurofeedback professionals. Their mission is to educate fellow professionals in EEG biofeedback applications and techniques, publish clinical research, provide technical information and produce training materials. Berry Belt, who works for EEG, conducted a research on ADHD on a 13 year old boy. The boy
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