Impact of Advanced Technology on Customers

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Technology impact paper 1. The context The advance of technology is impacting all aspects of life, from the completion of the leisure activities, to the completion of the professional chores. For the economic agents, the advent of technology is a both a challenge, as well as an opportunity, since they become able to integrate the new technologies and create competitive advantages, but are also forced to deal with the new pressures of the technologic use of competitors, and the financial implications of purchasing the new technologies. And in this amalgam of rapid technologic evolution, there are some specific parties which are not taken by surprise, but which embrace all changes and look forward to each innovation and advancement. These particular parties are the ones for whom technologic advancement is the true advantage and for whom it would cerate competitive advantages. The current project discusses the advancement of technology as adopted by the pizza place at the corner of the street. Most people would expect for the pizza place to be a traditional store, focused on selling good pizza in a familiar and casual environment. Technology would be perceived as non intersectional with the pizza place. Still, this particular pizza place is embracing technology as this is part of the daily life of the consumers and the managers of the restaurant understood that its integration is the sole means to ensuring long terms success. 2. The website and the electronic
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