Impact of Appearance: Synopsis of Three Essays

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Appearance is the first thing that catches ones attention. Whether it be a supermodel, a famous photograph or the golden arches almost anyone can spot from miles away, we take notice. Appearances are often time superficial, and sometimes deceiving. The essays written by Judith Ortiz Cofer, Eric Schlosser and Nora Effron help identify some instances where appearances can be powerful honest and dishonest. Through these three essays the ideas and impact of appearances will be conveyed. In Judith Ortiz Cofer's essay "The Story of My Body," she shares her struggles with appearance and self esteem. Cofer mentions that her definitions of appearance changed when she relocated to the United States at age eight.. She states, "I was born a …show more content…
Fortunately Cofer focused on her education and embraced her exotic appearance seeing size, color and skin as only variables, she says. It is important appearances aren't the only asset of a person, place or thing, as sometimes they are deceitful. Eric Schlosser identifies the dishonesty appearances can encompass in his essay "What We Eat." He depicts the fast food industry as "a revolutionary force in America's life." He exhibits that the growth and jobs created by the McDonald's Corperration represents "90 percent of the country's new jobs." This appears true, but is also somewhat deceitful. If we take a close look, it is a chain reaction the fast food industry has developed with it's high demand and fast growth for which 90 percent of America's new jobs have been created. He states that Mc'Donald's is "the largest purchaser of beef, pork, and potatoes- and the second largest purchaser of chicken." This shows that McDonald's growth has enabled them to control the job market in the entire food industry down to our family owned dairy farmer. Uniformity, Schlosser stated is the "key to a successful franchise." The franchises lure customers with the appearance of consistency. Customers believe they are buying the same burger that was made when McDonald's began as a "modest hamburger stand." This is false. While our burgers and french fries appear to be the same, they are not. Technology has become a factor in
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