Impact of Aviation on the Global Atmopherer.Dissertation Proposal

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The air travel accounts for almost 11% of Europe 's GDP and 24 million jobs. Air travel is the most popular mode of travel for both UK residents travelling abroad and for overseas residents visiting the UK. In 2005, UK residents made a record 53.6 million visits by air, representing almost four-fifths of all visits abroad (Friends of The Earth, 2006). The aviation industry currently faces a lot of impediments due to growing impacts of climate change, local air quality, surface access conjunction and noise.

This report will elucidate the impact of aviation on global warming and how it needs to blow the trumpet even louder to highlight the advances it has made to combat against climate change.

Some of the gases in our atmosphere such
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As a result of incomplete combustion of fuels, additional by products such as carbon monoxide (CO), unburned hydrocarbons (HC), and particulate matter (PM) are also formed. Many of these emissions have health and climate impacts on both a local and global level. (Jamin et al, 2004)

Globally the environmental impact of aircraft largely results from two major sources, the emissions of greenhouse gases (mainly CO2, HC, NO2) and the creation of high-altitude water vapor resulting in the formation of contrails. Contrails are created in the wake of an aircraft as the warm, moist engine exhaust gas expands and mixes with colder and drier outside air. Water droplets can be formed and these droplets rapidly freeze to form ice crystals. With enough water vapor, the amount of condensation to ice is faster than that of evaporation, and the ice crystals will grow to form visible contrails (see Schumann (1996) for a review). Contrails affect the climate by reducing solar heating during the day and radiation of heat during the night by increasing the extent to which it diffusely reflects light, therefore reducing the range between day and night temperatures.

Due to the huge projected future growth rates aviation is expected to produce, the implementation of global or at least internationally coordinated

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