Impact of Ben Loman in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman Essay example

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The Impact of Ben Loman’s Character on Theme and Character Development in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman Some characters in literature who only appear briefly in the work can have a tremendous impact on the literature. These characters have a significant presence in the literary work. In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, Ben Loman is that character. Ben is the brother of the main character Willy. Though Ben has a brief part in this play, he affects the theme and development of other characters.

The theme of Death of a Salesman is to be honest to yourself and to live the right dream. Ben had a tremendous impact on this theme in the play. Ben went into the jungle when he was 17 and came out of it rich. Following the theme of
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Ben lived the life he wanted and had the job he wanted. Even though Ben’s involvement in the play was brief, he showed that if you are honest to yourself, you get to live the life that you want. His honesty to himself is the counterpart to Willy not following the right dreams. Ben was what Willy needed to be like. The theme of the play was lived and shown by Ben.

The effect that Ben had on the development of other characters is shown the most by Willy. Willy was the brother of Ben and wanted to be successful like his brother. Through all the trips Ben made, he was quite a successful man. Ben was rich and happy, which is what Willy wanted to. When Willy’s mind was going crazy, Ben would appear to him at times. Willy always seemed to be happy when he talked to Ben, even though he was really talking to himself. Ben would offer advice to Willy when Willy thought about him. After the restaurant incident, Willy was once again “visited” by Ben. Ben was telling Willy how his family would be financially stable from the insurance money if Willy died. This “conversation” that Willy had with Ben seemed to convince Willy that he should kill himself in an automobile accident. Throughout the play, Ben had an effect on the development of Willy.

Only briefly did Ben appear in Death of a Salesman, but he had a significant presence in the play. Ben had tremendous affects on the theme of the play and the character development of Willy. Ben did
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