Impact of Black Friday and Cyber Friday on Our Economy

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In more recent years, Cyber Monday has also become a large shopping holiday, occurring the Monday after Thanksgiving and marks the first day for online Christmas shopping and discounts. Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are consumer driven holidays that carry large impacts on both economical and environmental issues. While the holiday shopping season can significantly aid in the finances of small and large companies, the mass spending and consumerism also reduces resources from the environment and the atmosphere of spending can also be seen as the spending of our resources. Every unnecessary purchase is as equally damaging our environment. However, the majority of consumers were not aware of the significance of these two holidays and their impact, so a growing outdoor company decided to tell consumers exactly what they were buying and how much it was costing them and the environment.
Patagonia chose to bring awareness of the excessive consumerism occurring annually by launching a campaign in both the New York Times and as an email to 750,000 subscribers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2011. Also in November and early December was the United Nations Climate Change Conference, legally binding countries to their promises to reduce emissions by the year 2020. Throughout the year of 2011, Texas…

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