Impact of British Imperialism on Malaya

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Introduction Malaysia was once a colonized land and known as Malaya back then. Malaysia is one of the Commonwealth countries, which means Malaysia was one of the British colonies. Malaysia was under British powers for approximately 446 years (from 1511 until 1957) The Portuguese, Dutch, British, Japanese & even Siamese had colonized Malaya before. 1. Portuguese: 1511-1641 2. Dutch: 1641-1824 3. British: 1824-1942, 1945-1957 4. Siamese: 1821-1909 5. Japanese: 1942-1945 The British first came in the late 1700s. In the late 18th century, the British East India Company traded in and partially controlled India. When Malaya caught their attention, they began to look for a base in Malaya. The British under Francis Light had occupied Penang…show more content…
Consequently, the communist insurrection had led to a protracted Predicament, the rise of communalism, and an authoritarian regime to combat communist subversion and influence, ethnic urbanization and polarization, the end of colonial rule and the birth ad building new nation, which saw the communist insurgency equally as a menace. Accordingly, despite the negative aspect of the communist insurgency in Malaya, the Malaysian government did not give up to destabilize the motivation of the insurgency and isolate it further. Even after years of fluctuation back and forth to demolish prejudice and depressing oppression from British imperialism. As a result of never ending quest for better economic growth, industrialization, an independent non-aligned foreign policy, as well as flexible policies of multi-culturalism in education and culture. Ultimately, the conception of democracy and freedom, which is apprehended in the heart of Great Britain, has continued here and now Malaysia is a dynamic democracy country. Impact of British Imperialism on Malaya’s Society Impact of British Imperialism on Malaya’s Economy Malaya has been known as Suvarnabhumi. This means ‘Bumi Emas’ or ‘Land of Gold’. The Malacca Straits has seen many merchants and traders from the East and West. The richness of Malaya's soil had been known all over the world and the strategic location of the
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