Impact of Canadian Medicine in Canada

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Although Canada has always been considered a small country, its achievements in medicine are far from small. They have greatly benefited Canada and improved the country’s way of life. In fact, Canadian physician Dr. Frederick Banting discovered insulin to treat diabetes. Also, Michael smith developed site-directed mutagenesis to alter and identify genes. Lastly, doctors at Toronto Hospital For Sick Children produced Pablum to treat rickets. These notable breakthroughs in Canadian medicine have positively impacted Canadian life.

First and foremost, Dr. Frederick Banting was able to isolate insulin and use it to treat the metabolic disorder diabetes which has benefited Canada. As a result, numerous individuals have been able to receive treatment which has reduced the number of deaths. This decrease in mortalities has also lowered the number of debilitating conditions resulting from diabetes. In fact, the mortality rate for diabetes over the past forty-five years has dropped by over fifty percent (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). This decrease clearly indicates that the death rates for diabetes is gradually declining. This trend can be followed from the time insulin was discovered and has increased the prognosis and quality of life for many people. In addition, the number of diabetes cases in Canada has risen by almost thirty percent over the past twenty years (Public Health Agency of Canada 2). Although, the number of people living with diabetes is significantly
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