Impact of Celebrity to Brand Image

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Celebrities are stars of their own light. They are known for the glitz and glamour that are associated to them by the fame they have acquired through various ways. Some are known for being attractive, some for being good in acting or singing or dancing, some for the controversy and some for the charisma they contain. At a certain point in a celebrity’s career, he/she becomes so famous that brands are willing to wrestle just to get them to endorse their product. This is for the reason that, as a marketing strategy, companies, in hopes of positive impact this association can bring about pays celebrities to represent them. One of the most memorable ad can be Manny Pacquaio’s tag line in Vitwater “Now you know”. People can’t easily forget…show more content…
Images of prestige are associated with the brand when consumers see that big personalities use them (Katyal, 2012, p.5). The true expanse of a celebrity endorser to the brand is to give it a distinguishing identity and impart values (Blige, 2012, p.12). Boorstin (2012) concluded that it is easy for the brand to get a celebrity endorser, but to utilize them in the right circumstances is challenging (p.3).
There has to be a connection between fans and celebrities so that sales will increase and ads will be successful. Some say that several brands increased 20% of their sales after they teamed up with an endorser, because brands rely on celebrities for that service (Elberse , 2012, p 2&5). But there are some who don’t believe that celebrity can influence sales because according to Daboll (2012), consumers nowadays do not rely on celebrities alone, but on their social networks. They are only interested in ads that have important information about the product (p.5). There are also celebrities who endorse several brands which can be the cause why some consumers do not rely on celebrity promoted product. This is supported Rice & Kelting (2012) who claimed that having a fit between a product and a celebrity is the only positive effect from having multiple endorsements (p.4-4).
There are many ways on how celebrities can greatly influence people’s lives. In the past when someone asks
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