Impact of Cell Phone Uasage on Students Acedemic Performance, Social Relationship Ans Safety

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Since the commercialization of cellular phones technology, the use of this communication device has rapidly increased. This technology was first introduced by Motorola in the early 1980’s (Harman, Brittney A., 2011). Today, the global cellular phone market now stands at approximately 1.8 billion subscribers, and is forecasted to reach 3 billion by the end of 2010 (Reid and Reid, 2007). The adoption of mobile phones by young generation has been a global phenomenon in recent years. This cell phone was originally created for adults for business use (Aoki & Downes, 2003). It has become an integral part of adolescent’s daily
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In 2005, the number of mobile phone subscribers worldwide will reach 2 billion (Deloitte Research, 2005) and in Australia will reach 19.2 million (Fisher, 2005). Various surveys worldwide have found high rates of mobile phone use amongst young people. In Norway in 1999, 80% of 13 to 20-year-olds owned a mobile phone, while in the United Kingdom in 2001, 90% of young people under the age of 16 did so ( In 2003, in Italy, 56% of children aged 9 and 10-years-old owned mobile phones and of the 44% who didn’t, all expressed a desire to own one (Guardian Unlimited, 2003), and amongst teenage girls in Tokyo, the adoption rate is almost 100% (Srivastava, 2005). In Australia in 2004, a survey by iTouch found that 50,000 children aged between 5 and 9 years of age owned a mobile phone, one third of children aged 10 to 13-years old and 45% of 13 to 15-year-olds also owned the device (Allison, 2004). Surveys have consistently shown that young people even prefer their mobile phone to television or the Internet (Enpocket, 2005; Hession, 2001). It is children’s favourite method of communication (Livingstone & Bober, 2005) with younger adolescents (school years 7 to 9) more attached to their mobile phones than older adolescents (school years 10 to 12) as they reported needing to return home to collect their phone if they forget it (Matthews, 2004). Young
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