Impact of Children on Committed Relationships

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Impact of Children on Committed Relationships
Christina Smith
Everest University Online

Most of the time, children have a great impact on a relationship. Before children, couples usually tend to spend a lot of time together and have more energy and money (Wood, 2010). Once children turn the relationship into a family, couples have less time together along with less energy and money (Wood, 2010). Our communications go from long and stimulating conversations about anything and everything to mostly about the children. We all know that becoming a parent is hard, but until we do, we never realize exactly how hard it really is (Wood, 2010). I interviewed five parents, two of them being a married couple, on how becoming parents impacted
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Brad and Morgan also felt that most communication went from being about them to being about the baby. Morgan told me, “I think our communication changed because most of our conversations are about finances and about our son. And we don’t seem to be as laid back about situations as we were before we had our son. We are definitely very quick to jump the gun and go off our rocker because of so much concern for our son. It is amazing how someone you love so much can make you stress over them so bad! (personal communication, January 9, 2012).” As Wood (2010) discussed, most of the communications became centered on the children. It seems that for the most part, the level of communication didn’t change, but the subject did. My third question to these parents was, “How did having a child affect your marriage or relationship?” Michelle and Season seemed to have almost the same view. Michelle related, “Our marriage was based on a pregnancy to begin with, so after the babies were born, it was quickly noticed that they were not the fix-it to our multitude of problems. They were blessings to us both, but could not repair something that was bad from the beginning (personal communication, January 10, 2012),” and Season said, “Having a child changed our relationship. He seemed to become jealous of the baby for a while. He still got to do whatever he wanted and I got stuck at home taking care of the baby. Our relationship got real rocky for a while, but we got past it
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