Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture

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Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture Introduction Climate change is one of the biggest and urgent issues of the present world and overwhelming scientific consensus is concerned with climate change. The earth’s climate is rapidly changing mainly as a result of increase in greenhouse gases caused by human activities. Over the last 100 years (1906-2005), global temperature has increased by 0.74°C and it is expected to increase by about 0.2°C per decade over the next two decade (IPCC 2007). For developing countries like Nepal, it is not just an environmental phenomenon but also an economic, social and political issue. Nepal is among the most vulnerable countries on earth with regard to climate change however, emission of green house gas…show more content…
Questions I seek to Answer with this study It is important to understand how farmers perceive global climate change and how they are changing their adaptive strategies. .In this context, this study intends to capture the extent of local peoples’ farming practice and perceptions of climate variability and change and the types of adjustments they have made in their farming practices in response to these change. To put in a nutshell, this study will seek to answer the following research questions: • What are probable impacts of climatic uncertainty on farming system? • What is the level of knowledge and farmers’ perception towards climatic variability? • What are the strategies of the farmers to cope with climate change? Do the farmers have place-specific strategies? If so, what are they? Aim of the Study The main aim of this study will to understand the continuity and change in farming system under the climatic uncertainty in Far-Western Tarai of Nepal. The main questions to be addressed in this study are: • What type of farming system exists in Far-Western Tarai of Nepal and how climate change is affecting existing farming system? • How do farmers perceive climatic variability in regional level? • What are the adaptive strategies under climatic uncertainty? • What are the potential climate change impacts and who are the most vulnerable? References Bordoni, Paul. 2009.
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