Impact of Compensation on Employee Motivation in a Manufacturing Unit

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Business Research Report Presented to: Assessment Code: RWT1 Student Name: Student ID: Date: Mentor Name: Introduction Introduce the subject and purpose of the report The research compares and contrasts several compensation strategies and determine the appropriateness of each compensation strategy for the organization Main Ideas of the Report This study aims to investigate the impact of compensation on employee motivation in a manufacturing unit comprising of 120 employees Relationship to the Audience This report is made by the assistant Human Resource to properly analyze the Human Resource policy related to compensation and make few recommendations to the seniors in order to satisfy their employees in context of compensation and the motivation it drives in a work force. Research Findings Finding Number 1 In some circumstances, compensation fails to motivate the employees because of the ineffectiveness of Human Resource department Finding Number 2 In certain circumstances, human resource manager's claim that compensations defined in the manuals are streamlined but due to miscommunication and failure to brief all the compensations granted has resulted in demotivation among the employees Finding Number 3 Delayed medical claims can result in demotivation towards work Finding Number 4 Bonuses are integral to motivate the work force. It is a means to make the employee feel affiliated with the organization and acknowledge their services Finding Number

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