Impact of Consumer Protection Agencie in Nigeria

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IMPACT OF CONSUMER PROTECTION AGENCIES IN NIGERIA: A STUDY OF CPC, CAFON AND CEON BY AMZAT SHERIFFDEEN ADEWALE MATRIC NO: 06076963 A PROJECT SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FUFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT FOR THE AWARD OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF MASS COMMUNICATION, FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, OLABISI ONABANJO UNIVERSITY, AGO-IWOYE, OGUN STATE. MARCH, 2012 CHAPTER ONE 1.0 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Consumer protection is defined as the efforts of the government and private organizations to ensure that the consumers are not exploited by the producers. Through consumer protection, the government ensures that the consumers derive maximum satisfaction from the goods and services available in the market. All of us are…show more content…
1.1 DEFINITION OF PROBLEMS As a result of heavy profiteering by commercial organizations at the expense of the uninformed consuming public, governmental and independent consumer protection agencies, organizations and forums are being formed to address the apparent negligence of consumer rights, protection and customer care in service delivery. The enforcement of consumer rights is a serious problem in Nigeria. Consumers are often reluctant to enforce their rights for a variety of reasons: ignorance of their rights, poverty, and the judiciary's rigid adherence to strict legal rules that make it very difficult for consumers to prevail. When a consumer alleges that the defects in a particular product are the result of negligence, for example, the consumer must prove the acts or omissions in the production process that constitute negligence. The issue is complicated by the defense of "foolproof system of production," which has become rather popular with manufacturers. The practice adopted by manufacturers is to demonstrate an impeccable system of production with a view to convincing the court that such a system is incapable of admitting any defect as alleged by the consumer. Decided cases show judicial inclination to accept such "foolproof system" as a defense. (See, e.g. Boardman v Guinness (Nig.) Ltd. (1980)

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