Impact of Electronic Media on Cognitive Development of Children

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Impact of Electronic Media on Cognitive Development of Children There have been many changes in the technological scene in the last few years. This has prompted the argument on what people stand to benefit from these advancements. This is why there have been many studies and researches that are all intended to show how the electronic media assists in learning amongst children. However, there has been little attention as to what the electronic media does to the same children. The electronic media has become a favorite amongst the learners and in particular children. It is imperative to note that the learning process is not passive. This is because the children do not just heed to the instructions and assume that anything is learnt. The process of learning is active and cognitive. Therefore, the environment under which a child is in has a significant influence on the learning process. It is vivid from this argument that the media has a significant role in the shaping of the children. Electronic media is very beneficial in the learning process but it is imperative that there are regulations because it has a dominant role in cognitive development of children. Even at the most tender of ages, children are already active in the use of the media. The television is the main media that the children are exposed to at this early age. It may seem that the children do not understand anything in the televisions and could lead to some disputing the idea of its involvement in
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