Impact of Emotional Stress on the Reproductive System

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An incredible straining often puts or changes the way the brain works (Dumbleton, 2005). Emotional stress affects the reproductive systems in both male and female in different ways. Stress can be acute or chronic. Acute stress is a stress which is still in anatomical or microscopic level. Stress that affects reproductive system in microscopic level makes the body's normal instantaneous response to situations that are challenging, this is a short-term stress. However, chronic or long-term stress can be as a result of too much stress that has extended in a period of time. At the microscopic level, emotional stress is paramount for the body's chemical response by providing strength and stamina. However, it is compounded by sustained periods of unresolved stress at the physiological level; the state worsens to become almost permanently established. This makes changes to rapidly take place within the reproductive system of both male and female causing an irregular menstrual cycles or frigidity in women and stress during the pregnancy period; this can result in the baby to become prone to asthma as well as, other allergies, while lowers the sperm count or impotence in men. In microscopic level, the emotional stress affects the reproductive system of…
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