Essay on Impact of Film and Television: 1950’s to Present

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Impact of Film and Television: 1950’s to Present Today, Film and Television are among the most internationally supported commodities. Financially, their contributions are enormous: both industries are responsible for the circulation of billions of dollars each year. Since their respective explosions into the new media markets during the mid-twentieth century, film and television have produced consistently growing numbers of viewers and critics alike. Sparking debate over the nature of their viewing, film and television are now being questioned in social, political, and moral arenas for their potential impact on an audience. Critics claim that watching films or television is a passive activity in which the viewer becomes subconsciously…show more content…
Greater emotional and intellectual responses surface as foreign issues become "closer to home" from an instant access to news. As the public receives such unbiased information, it can make more informed decisions, and has a better chance to affect change. (At this time, television and film are the most powerful catalysts for social change.) Thus it can be argued that film and television productions help to create positive social changes, promote multiculturalism and diversity, and create a common cultural identity among viewers. Unfortunately, this utopian argument doesn’t account for the countless studies correlating film and television viewing to perpetuated hate and stereotyping, and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Declining SAT scores and library check-outs over the decades have lead critics to believe that film and television are aiding in the international "dumbification" effort, in which individuals are losing the ability to think without direction. This phenomenon is closely related to the more recent "couch potato syndrome", in which laziness, lack of physical fitness and a passive attitude combine, producing the ultimate unhealthy lifestyle that is currently sweeping the majority of modern America. More important, however, are the two great faults of film and television. First, film and television establish false
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