Impact of Free Movement of People and Service in the European Union on Tourist

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Tourism is playing an important role in the economy of a country as well as now, these days it is growing in European countries and increasing the economy of European economy and world economy. As a result the living standard of people rise, an increasing proportion of income is spent on leisure travel and other elements of tourism. At the same time, tourism promotes employment and new sources of income.

Article 6 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) stipulates that tourism falls within the EU’s powers to support the Member States. The legal basis can be found in Article 195, Title XXII of the TFEU. Because of its multifarious nature, tourism concerns also the free movement of people, goods and services, small
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For citizens it means the ability to do many operations abroad, such as opening bank accounts, buying shares in non-domestic companies, investing where the best return is, and purchasing real estate. For companies it principally means being able to invest in and own other European companies and take an active part in their management.
An example of free movement of capital held in European union community in the year 2012 where Commission requested Greece to comply with EU rules on free movement of capital and the right of establishment. Greece and Deutsche telecom entered into a share buying agreement for 3.30% of the Hellenic telecommunication organization share and shareholders agreement. Competition of agreement Greece and Deutsche telecom each held 25% plus one of the Hellenic telecommunication organization shares. The National law approved this agreement. (Rahn 2011) The aim of the free movement capital is to establishment of single market.

Free movement of people:

The impact of free movement of people in European union countries people of European union get employment opportunity in other European union community. With the help of the free movement people are eligible to work any where of the EU community which help to reduce unemployment in the EU as well as also people exchange their culture with in the countries which try to make a single market.

Impact on
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