Impact of Globalization on Pakistan Economy

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Globalization helps people and firms in large scale in the form of cash flow or investments, experiences, new inventions, new technology, they can import and export to the big market on a cheaper or effective way. Globalization is bringing the people together and making the world smaller and smaller.

“There are Number of institutions established in the wake of World War II including World Bank, international monetary fund (IMF), and general agreement on tariffs and trade (GATT). Similarly world trade organization (WTO) has played an important role in promoting free trade in place of protectionism”. (

Developing countries like Pakistan have to understand the pros and cons of globalization in context with WTO regime and to find ways not only to survive in the international market but also get benefit from it. This study will be helpful to improve the understanding regarding the effects of globalization on Pakistan’s economy. The main purpose of this research is to help and improve the understanding of different effects of gradual and selective approach to globalization in different term such as employment, trade, wages and social progress in Pakistan. 4.0 Research Questions

How is Pakistan positioning itself to meet the challenges of globalization?
What is an overall impact of globalization on foreign direct investment in Pakistan?
What are the benefits of free trade and how we can bring transaction
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