Impact of Imc on Consumer Buying Behaviour

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International Journal of Marketing Studies

Vol. 4, No. 2; April 2012

Impact of Integrated Marketing Communication on Consumer Behaviour: Effects on Consumer Decision – Making Process
Camelia Mihart (Kailani) Academy of Economic Studies Piata Romana No.6, Bucharest, Romania Tel: 40-731-338-803 Received: February 10, 2012 doi:10.5539/ijms.v4n2p121 Abstract Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is one of the most controversial areas of research, the concept marking a constant progress from the simple coordinating of promotional tools to a complex strategic process. Further to the evolution of modern marketing, where IMC has become a major way of achievement the objectives of a company, there is a need to identify
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Although so far, there is not unanimity of specialists’ opinion in terms of concept content, we can talk about a consensus on the role and importance of marketing communications. In a global market characterized by high dynamism and fierce competition, organizations try to find the most efficient way to get their word out so that customers understand the benefits that can be obtained by consumption or use products or services (Clow, 2010). Consequently, marketing communications have become a fundamental aspect of marketing, a business vision and an essential factor in successful marketing communication. Its importance have increased dramatically in recent decades, considering that the marketing and communication are inseparable, all organizations business areas using various forms of marketing communication to make their offer and to meet financial or non-profit targets (Shimp,2003). It can be concluded that marketing communications have a highly complex content, both in terms of scope and the objectives pursued and on methods and tools for action. Considering that the primary purpose of marketing communication is to build and strengthen the brand - while the main market competitors have become brands many opinions of experts converge to the idea that in the contemporary era the marketing communication will be the only way to create and sustaining competitive advantage. Given that marketing communication is more strongly assert that a major achievement of marketing
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