Impact of Imperialism on Latin America and Southeast Asia

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Around the 1700s regions in Europe were using the method of imperialism to not only expand but to economically benefit as well. Thus imperialism was not only a form of government but also a form of economy. Furthermore it is when regions extend their power and wealth through their military force and diplomacy. Specifically speaking the Spaniards and British were two different groups of Europeans who colonized different regions around the world. As a result of doing so, the Spaniards who conquered Latin America and the British who conquered Southeast Asia causes depopulation along with cultural changes within the land they colonized. In the year of 1492, the Queen and King of Spain developed thoughts of strengthening their power and…show more content…
The practice of syncretic religions began after Africans were being brought to Latin America. Syncretic religions are based off of “the juxtaposition and coexistence of African derived elements and Catholic symbols” (Olmog 1997). After African slaves were brought to Latin America, they were being sold as slaves. Part of being an African slave in Latin America is to practice the same religion as your master, and the masters happened to practice Christianity. However this was not considered much of a problem, since African deity and Catholic saints had mythical or symbolic similarities and the slave population would honor the African gods through worshipping of their Catholic representatives. (Olmog 1997). For instances the goddess Oshun in Nigeria is similar to the Virgin Mary, the Benin Python god Damballah is similar to Saint Patrick and Legba the guardian of destiny also happens to hold the key to the underworld is similar to Saint Peter (Olmog 1997). Santeria is one of many syncretic religions practiced in Latin America. Santeria is an Afro-Caribbean religions which mainly focuses on the relationships between human beings and Orishas, Orishas are like gods however they are more powerful, mortal spirits. In Southeast Asia the cultural changes that occurred was the establishment of Western Education in India. In India the colonial policy makers realized that they needed to recruit people for occupations such has administrative assistants and
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