Impact of Industrial Pollution on Human Health in I-9 and I-10 Sectors of Islamabad

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The research aims to study the impact of industrial pollution on the health of people in I-9 and I-10 Islamabad. The study shows that majority of the people are suffering from asthma, disruption in sleep, hypertension, tuberculosis and a lot of diseases related to skin. There is no check and balance on the industrial wastage and harmful gases. Measure should be taken for the industrial wastage and also the industries should be far from the residential areas. Moreover high quality machinery should be used and should be properly installed. The awareness campaign should also be arranged to aware the industrialist about the harmfulness
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The furnaces produces metal dusts, slag and gaseous emissions. Smoke is produced during charging of the furnace. Air emission from the industry includes nitrogen dioxide, sulphar dioxide and carbon monoxide and thick black smoke. Particularly pollution is generated due to poor quality of scrap bundled Scrap which is being used by melters consists mainly of spent containers of edible oil, paints lubricants and even rubber.
There are 11 re-rolling mills and using locally manufactures billets, which are reheated in gas or oil fired open gas furnace. The environment related issue is the occasional discharge of black smoke.
Large quantities of steam are used as a main heating medium in ghee manufacturing processes. Steam is also used for creating the vacuum required in ghee manufacturing. During this time major air emissions are nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide. The extremely high level of consumption of fresh water by these industries has resulted in generation of large volume of waste water. Major waste water pollutants from this industry include oil and grease, soaps and suspended solids.
There are 31 marble cutting and polishing units in the industrial area of Islamabad
The excess water displaced by the gathering sludge overflows without
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