Impact of Interior Environment and Learning Tools on Pre-school Kids

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The purpose of this survey is to analyze and understand the impact of an interior environment and learning tools on kids in a pre-school. Although qualitative and quantitative analysis has already been done on this topic, it has been restricted to a smaller group of people in a specific geographical area. To further understand the context even better, survey was directed to parents of kids in pre-school in a different part of the globe. It is to understand the impact across geographical distance and also to know if it is consistent across the board. The education board, designers, learning tool manufacturers and parents will definitely be…show more content…
Also having already worked on analysis of this topic in Phoenix, one can understand that although geographical distances do bring in differences, in this specific context it is common across the geographical distances as well, since the audience for this survey was parents of preschool kids in Chennai city in India. It was randomly sent to parents across 3-4 preschools in the city. Although you can find a meager difference in their responses , it is typically similar across the board. Having achieved the concrete results about the importance of learning tools and open-ended toys in pre-schools, it is about analyzing the affordability of these tools among all the schools. Especially in places like India, where affordability has always been an issue this could be a good base to wok on the cost effectiveness of these tools so that every school in the town could afford it for schools. The learning tools and open-ended toys definitely facilitate learning , creative and productivity skills in kids. This is my first experience in creating surveys and analyzing data and it has been an interesting experience to understand the ways by which data for a research question could be collected. It is interesting to know the different perceptions of people for
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