Impact of Interpersonal Skills and Capabilities of Leadership on Knowledge Based Organizations

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impact of interpersonal skills and capabilities of leadership on knowledge based organizations jahanzeb abbas Abstract: The role of leadership in the success of any organization is very much important. Although in Pakistan very little importance is given to this aspect of organizations inspite of this its importance cannot be denied. In other words, Leadership is the backbone of any knowledge centric organization. This research article shed light on the importance of effective leadership skills and practices which can lead any organization to its golden era. The main focus of the study is the changing nature of leadership with the evolution in the meaning of knowledge based organizations. The study is…show more content…
Knowledge and competence can be acquired by hiring new people with desirable skills. In particular, T-shape skills embodied in employees are most often associated with core capability. T-shaped skills may enable individual specialists to have synergistic conversations with one another (Madhaven & Grover, 1980). Although a company’s value is generated by intangible assets like knowledge or brands. Performance measurement is one of the most important management activities. Performance measurement becomes the basis of strategy establishment and achievement in the future because it can definitely bring a company’s vision and strategic target to all organization members. 3 Objectives of Study ➢ The objective of our study is to examine the relationship among the interpersonal skills, capabilities and performance of knowledge-based organizations. ➢ To develop the results that the primary resources that enables the organization to perform extraordinary lies within “intangible assets (intellectual capital)”. 4 Significance of Study Now intangible assets such as knowledge rather than tangible financial assets are a measure of a company’s value. Knowledge is the one of the important resource that increases the value of organizations and gives them an edge over competitors. Therefore various attempts to measure organizational performance in knowledge management have been conducted accordingly. 5 Problem Statement Interpersonal skills and
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