Impact of Iom Report on Nursing Essay

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Abstract Nursing career is one of the few fastest growing fields in the health care industry not only in the United States but also in the world. Nurse practice has drastically changed in the last decade and as a result the need for changes in nursing practice is becoming more and more important. The Institute of Medicine report discusses so many aspects in nursing but this paper requires detailing the impacts on Nursing Practice (Transforming Practice), Nursing Education (Transforming Education), and the Nurse’s role as a Leader (Transforming Leadership). These three key aspects are discussed in the following pages. Professional Development of Nursing Professionals: Impact on Future of Nursing The key points that the Institute of…show more content…
The need for expansion in their roles for higher levels of education and an improved system of education are required for nurses now for meeting the diverse needs of the patients and to provide better care. Improving the education system and achieving a more educated work force is increasing with nurses having baccalaureate degrees , that is, a traditional Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Nursing program or a traditional 4 year Bachelor of Nursing program or a program that allows seamless transition from Associate in Diploma Nursing to Bachelor of Nursing. Impact of Report on Transforming Practice The impact of report on practice particularly in primary care is very huge. Over the past decades, we have realized, with every passing decade, nursing has become an increasingly integral part of the healthcare services, so that a future without large numbers of nurses is highly impossible to envision. We have also witnessed the drastic changes and advancement that have happened in the field of nursing over the past decades. Nurses have to change their current health care practice in order to meet the growth and also the goals of the IOM report. The report indicates, of the overall nurses employed in healthcare, 80% of the nurses will have a baccalaureate degree by the year 2020. The baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs prepare nurses thoroughly so that they will have significant knowledge,
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