Impact of JCAHO Standards on Job Descriptions

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JCAHO STANDARDS FOR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Impact of JCAHO Standards on Job Descriptions A job description is a written summary of the responsibilities related to a specific job and the skills and knowledge necessary for discharging those responsibilities effectively. The job description becomes a handy resource for human resource professionals and departmental heads when recruiting new people to fill in vacancies as well as for the purpose of evaluating performance. The job description is also an important component of the job specification, a document that includes task requirements as well as a profile of the ideal person for the job (Cascio 2003, p. 160). The job description developed in accordance with the standards of the JCAHO should clearly mention the qualifications and competencies required for the job. This is an important requirement of the JCAHO standards where the health care organization is expected to derive the job description for each position on the basis of the care, treatment and services requirement for the entire organization. Since the organization may invite applications on its own or delegate the function to a third party, it is necessary that the job descriptions explicitly identify and define the competencies required for the position. According to Standard HR.1.20 the health care organization must ascertain that the right levels of competencies as well as qualifications are available at each level (JCAHO, 2004). Therefore, the job

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