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Impact of A Jet Philip Mah Koon Yue Mohananda a/l Anantha Krishnan Ahmad Saeed Abood Eleanor Hang Lee Shean Chan Jun Hoe School of Engineering Taylor’s University Malaysia 23 March 2011 Table of Content Abstract 3 1. Introduction 3 2. Experiment Design 3 2.1 Materials 3 2.2 Methods & Procedures 4 3. Results and discussion 5 4. Conclusion and Recommendations 8 References 8 Appendix 9 Abstract The experiment was conducted to find the impact of water on different types of vanes, it consists of 3 types the flat plate, conical cup and the hemispherical cup. Forces are generated by jet of water impacts the vanes that produces various angles of deflection. In the end the slope calculated was used to compare with the…show more content…
The diameter of the nozzle, the height of the vane above the tip of the nozzle when the lever is balanced, the distance between the centre of the vane and the pivot of the lover and the jockey weight was noted. 3.0 Results and discussion Density of water at 26°C = 996.8 kg/m3 = 0.997 g/cm3 Diameter of nozzle = 10 mm Cross – sectional area of nozzle, A = 78.5 mm2 Mass of jockey weight = 0.6 kg Distance from centre of vane to pivot of lever = 0.15m Since m ̇ = ρAu, the speed if the jet at exit from nozzle is equal to; An example for the hemispherical cup by using the m ̇ of 0.280, u = m ̇/ρA (m/s) u = m ̇/(996.783 x 78.5 x 10-6) = 12.75m ̇ = 12.75 × 0.280 = 3.57 m/s Also the jockey weight weighs (0.6 x g) newtons. When it is moved a distance (y) meters from its zero position, the corresponding force (F) newtons on the vane is obtained. A y of 0.07m was used. F x 0.15 = 0.6 × g × y (newtons) F = 4gy (newtons) F = 39.24y (newtons) F = 39.24 × 0.07 = 2.747 N The velocity uo of the jet as it is deflected by the vane is less than the velocity u at exit from the nozzle because of the deceleration due to gravity and may be calculated from the expression: (in this case we use u as 3.57) u2o = u2 – 2gs u2o = u2 – 2 × 9.81 × 0.0035 u2o = 3.572 – 0.687 uo = 3.47 m/s Table 1: Data for hemispherical cup Volume (ℓ) Mass (kg) Time (s) y (m) m ̇ (kg/s) u (m/s) uo (m/s) m ̇ uo (N) F (N) 25

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