Impact of Joint Commission Accreditation Healthcare Organizations Standards

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Healthcare organizations management

Joint Commission Accreditation Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)

Introduction The joint commission on accreditation of healthcare organization (JCAHO), which is currently known as the Joint Commission, is a private and non-profit making organization. This represents non-governmental operations but separately as an independent body. The main aim of the organization is to develop the safety of the public healthcare, and the quality of service provided by health organizations. Safety and quality is measured by the compliance to the standards provided by the joint commission. Its members include the ADA (American Dental Association), AMA (American Medical Association), and (ACP) American College of Physicians among others. Those members that comply fully with the standards of the joint commission are regarded with respect of the best service providers. Organizations with the reputation usually attract more practitioners and clients (Uselton et al 2010). Job description entails the outlining of the skills, and the necessary qualifications and competencies required for a working opportunity. A recommended job description should include some aspects, including a list of technicalities required and hierarchical levels in the organization. It should be able to be used in signing the service contact (Slezak 2012). Since the job description is used by most of the employers to recruit the best employees, the joint commission standards will
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